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About Me

My early career was in Fashion Retail and buying. After a break to start my family I have created my own brand CarolinesStyleHacks as a route to return to work in the Fashion Industry, in a way that suits my lifestyle.

My content centers around Considered Fashion choices and styling options.  I work with High street Brands, Sustainable labels and small Boutiques to bring my followers a broad range of choice.   The Fashion Industry is evolving for the better and I try to help me followers navigate the new options out there including pre-loved fashion too.


Ultimately my focus is on feeling confident and happy in my clothes and empowering other women to do so too.


I am always happy to chat so please feel free to message me on Instagram or email me:


Caroline has recently been awarded the Scottish Style Infulencer Award Winner 2022


Caroline is proud to be partnering with Smartworks

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