Sunday Style Inspiration

Today’s Sunday Picks is focusing on French Brand Sézane.  This special brand came onto my radar a few years ago when I started following the Instagram Account @sezaneandme …run by another Caroline… she focuses solely on her love for all things Sézane.


So I wanted to talk more about this brand today as I frequently get asked about sizing, shipping, discounts and quality. 


I would definitely recommend looking at their sizing comments on most items.  Their advice is usually spot on.  And I don’t find their sizing ‘small made’. I think a lot of people think French Sizing is small but not with this brand.  


I’d start with a beautiful blouse in one of their signature Broderie styles or Interesting prints.  This was the first Sézane item I bought and it always adds interest to any outfit.


Shipping is £8 or Free over £150.  No extra taxes will be added.  However I am often asked if there are any discounts on Sézane… unfortunately they don’t offer discount codes as pieces tend to sell out so quickly. 

They do however offer reduced Archive Pieces in later months and I’ve picked up a few favourites. 


Another little tip with this brand is to check for re-stocks each Wednesday and Sunday morning.


What else can I say… Sézane is a beautiful brand.  I love the quality and enduring style that will transcend seasons.  Next on my wishlist is a pair of their boots or a cosy winter coat. 

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